What to get for the woman in your life this holiday season – Cheap, but perfect gifts for heart, mind and soul

Dear Santa,

What we want for most is peace on earth and good health for all, but I know you’re going to ask what we might like for ourselves. We don’t want for much, our health and time with the ones we love.  So here are some thoughts that are gifts of health, for body, mind and soul.

With much love,


HealthyGiftsforWomenTo all the Santa’s helpers out there struggling with what to get their loved one, here are some ideas:

The gift of time

– A homemade certificate with the promise of time to relax and recuperate or exercise, time for a nap, time to read a book or magazine uninterrupted, or perhaps quality time spent with one another hiking, biking or other fun outdoor activities.

The gift of relaxation

– A gift certificate or homemade certificate for a relaxing massage, spa day, or perhaps a picnic in the mountains or desert. Create a basket of relaxation – some favorite soothing music, lavender eye pillow, stress ball, bath salts, candles and a good ‘airport’ book.

The gift of a healthy heart

– A playlist of some foot tapping music that demands that you move to it. A gift certificate for a pass for a favorite type of exercise class,  or perhaps one that they’ve been interested in trying. For the chefs, a book of heart healthy recipes and a basket of fruit and veg to seal the deal (perhaps pick out a favorite heart healthy recipe of your own that you think they’ll like and provide the ingredients in a nice kitchen bowl.) For the tech lover- what about a heart rate monitor or pedometer?

The most thoughtful gifts are not necessarily the most expensive. This holiday season think time, relaxation and heart and you’ll be on the way to a very happy holiday season.

Do you have additional ideas that would fall under this categories? We’d love to hear them.

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