Should you donate your baby’s cord blood? – 7 FAQ about Cord Blood Donation

Save a life, save the cord, #Cordblood

TMC for Women is the first site in Southern Arizona for the Arizona Public Cord Blood Donation Program. Saving the cord can save lives. Do you have questions? Ask us here.

1. Will donating my baby’s cord blood hurt my baby or me?

Donating your baby’s cord blood is completely safe for baby and mom. It doesn’t interfere with the labor or delivery, and it won’t affect your baby’s health as no blood is taken from your baby.

2. Wait, isn’t using cord blood stem cells controversial?

Absolutely NOT! There is no controversy regarding cord blood donation. Check out this video from the Save the Cord Foundation to hear Rabbi Stanway and Reverend Manning address this issue.

3. If I’ve donated my baby’s blood can we use it if we need it in our family?

Public cord blood donation is not a free way to bank your child’s cord blood stem cells for future use within your family. However, if your newborn’s sample meets the standards and is uploaded to the national registry, if at any point, the child has a medical need for their cord blood, and it’s available, it can be tracked and used for your child.

4. How are the cord blood stem cells collected?

After your baby is born, the cord is clamped and cut just as it would if you weren’t donating the cord blood. But, instead of being discarded the blood remaining in the cord is drained into a special collection bag and sent to the public cord blood bank. That’s it!

You and your baby’s identity are kept confidential by the cord blood banks. The cord blood sample is identified by a number assigned at the hospital.

5. Okay, I’m expecting and I want to donate my baby’s cord blood. What should I do?

If you are interested in this program and plan on delivering at Tucson Medical Center

  • Let your doctor or midwife know
  • Contact TMC Cord Blood Coordinator Kristen Wilt at (520) 324-6210 or via email at
  • Inform the Labor and Delivery staff when you arrive

6. Who can donate their baby’s cord blood?

You may be eligible to donate if you are:

  • Expecting a single birth
  • Expecting a delivery of at least 36 weeks gestation
  • At least 18 years old

Next post will include more information ‘Can I donate my baby’s cord blood’ watch this space!

7. What if I want to bank my baby’s blood privately?

Check out this information from the Save the Cord Foundation about the benefits of public or private banking to figure out which option is best for your family.


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