Live Well – Let us help you keep your New Year’s Resolutions

Live Well Comm Logo OrgBluDid you make a resolution to get healthy this year? To lose weight? Hike that mountain? Go for a plant-based diet? Or lower your cholesterol? If you’re anything like most people your resolution to stick to those goals may be waning a little or even vanished completely. Sounds like it’s time for a little inspiration.

We met Mary just seven months ago, when she shared her story so far participating in the TMC Live Well Tucson community wellness programs. After ten years of looking after her ailing mom, Mary Kmak’s own health had slid. Pre-diabetes, high blood pressure, spinal issues, and significant weight gain as a result of extended steroid treatments, Mary, a devout catholic, was unable even to help at mass anymore.

January, 2014 Mary signed up for the TMC Community wellness program and had remarkable success. Check out her story and her tips for success here.

We just got an update from Mary, timely because it’s just a few weeks until the start of the next Live Well series. Just in time for you to be inspired and join the Live Well program. Take Mary’s lead, make a promise to yourself for a healthier you and realize your dream.

MarysPromiseHappy Healthy New Year!
I hope you’re staying healthy and 2015 will be a great one for you, yours & me. I not only maintained my 62 pound loss, but also lost an additional three pounds this month!

I’ve lost 65 pounds from one year ago all a result of the fabulous learning from the TMC community wellness programs! I’m looking forward to the New Year & more weight off  and I’m ready to go full force with the only way I was taught, the HEALTHY WAY!

Other than some aches & pains from the weather I feel great. I did fit into those jeans my beloved Mom bought me years ago when at that time those jeans wouldn’t even go above my hips! I am getting closer to my promise and feel sure NEXT year at this time I will fulfill it! Each morning I wake up and know my Mom is smiling when she sees my results and continuous motivation to get to my goal! Thank you Mary & Laurie for your help. You two are the best nutritionists in the world!


Join Live Well Tucson at TMC and learn how to make lifelong changes that will improve your health and your life, just like Mary has done.

Our program combines 10 weekly informational sessions with optional weekly physical activities. Our team of professionals will help you develop strategies for living a healthful life, and setting realistic and sustainable goals. This program will allow you to connect with others in your community who, like yourself, want to be healthy and “live well.” Email us at for more information and to sign up.

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