An update from Mary Kmak as she approaches 100 pound weight loss!

ImaynotbethereyetHappy October readers!

First, I would like to mention October is Breast Cancer Awareness month & anyone battling breast cancer or any family members my thoughts & prayers are with ALL of you.

Keep positive and FIGHT! NEVER GIVE UP! My Mom had breast cancer & had a radical mastectomy, 2 recurrences with one spreading to her ribs & she beat it with her Faith, determination, current treatments & excellent doctors. KEEP going, BEST of luck & good wishes.

September went well with a five pound weight loss despite having bronchitis for the past 10 days. Life gives us these bumps in the road, but with patience & time we overcome them. This makes my total loss 93 pounds and I WILL hit my 100# loss this month and YOU my loyal readers will be the FIRST to know!

Other than a little lingering cough I’m back on the mends & will resume my exercises this weekend. My physical went well & my A1C (The A1C test is a common blood test used to diagnose type 1 and type 2 diabetes and then to gauge how well you’re managing your diabetes.) continues to come down and I’m in the 5 percent range compared to 6.4 when I started the first wellness class with TMC. These next three months I will be posting more alternatives, NEW Fall/Winter recipes I will be trying & “healthy snack fill ups” rather than the unhealthy sugary ones! For those of you following my story won’t you join me this season and lose weight rather than fall into the statistics of gaining five plus pounds during the holiday season?

Let’s do this together get healthier and LIVE WELL! I will also post my current picture on TMC for Women’s facebook when I hit my 100pound weight loss this month. You will see my face NOW that’s behind the shadow of my PROMISE picture!



To find out more about the programs offered by Tucson Medical Center that have helped Mary please check out the Live Well program.

To read more of Mary’s story check out Mary’s Promise.


  1. MARY H KMAK says:

    Thank you Rachel for sharing my story. There are close to 180,000 views from my blog & TMCs Facebook together and I want everyone that is following me to know that YOU can do this TOO!!! I am normally a private person; BUT, my misson now is to help others struggling to lose weight to know that I’m putting myself out there. PLEASE my readers who want/need help losing weight follow my steps I would NEVER steer you wrong. Learn the proper way to lose weight with the knowledge, experience & suggestions the nutritionists offer at the WELLNESS classes at TMC. Mary Atkinson and Laurie Ledford are profesionals who care and want you to succeed. Join me and get healthier too! Check out the schedule for the WELLNESS classes and join ASAP to get a seat! I believe they start again in January. WHAT better way to start your New Year! Thank you for following me & I will give updates, recipes, suggestions and anything I can think of to help encourage you to helping yourself. I have been there friend I KNOW. Have a Happy healthy day! 🙂
    Mary H Kmak

  2. Woohoo! Way to go Mary! It will feel amazing to hit that milestone. I have lost 120 myself and it was a wonderful moment! Good for you for losing despite being sick as well! That is tough, glad you’re feeling better!

  3. MARY H KMAK says:

    Hello:-) Readers I put a challenge on my blog for those following my story to do a 12 minute walk each day this week. Whether you’re starting an exercise program or have one just add 12 minutes. I want to say keep GOING if you are & IF you aren’t YET or stopped DON’T give up! Let’s continue to get healthy together OR stay healthy together!!!
    Mary 🙂

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